Riwa is a pioneering company at the intersection of art and technology, based in London, UK. As a visionary business, Riwa specialises in integrating advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain into the art and antiques sector. Our mission is to revolutionise the way art is certified, valued and traded, making these processes easier, more transparent and more secure.

Riwa’s services cater for a wide range of clients, from art collectors and galleries to artists and digital art enthusiasts. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of art technology to ensure that our clients benefit from the latest advances in the field.

Our vision extends beyond the art market. We aim to contribute to cultural enrichment and education, fostering a deeper appreciation of art in all its forms. As we grow, our focus remains on being a leader in art technology, shaping the future of how art is experienced and appreciated globally.


Riwa offers a range of innovative services and projects at the intersection of art and technology:

Art Appraisal: Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, we provide reliable appraisal services for artworks to ensure their authenticity and historical accuracy.

Valuation Services: Our team has in-depth market knowledge and technical tools to provide accurate art valuation services to collectors, investors and galleries.

ArtScanner: A flagship innovation, ArtScanner is a versatile device designed for detailed art analysis. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse the authenticity, condition and other key aspects of an artwork.

Blockchain Integration: We use blockchain technology for secure digital registration and provenance tracking of artworks, thereby increasing transparency and trust in art transactions.

Digital art and NFTs: We are at the forefront of the digital art revolution, supporting artists in creating and marketing NFTs (irreplaceable tokens) and assisting collectors in navigating this emerging market.

Exhibitions and Events: Riwa organises and sponsors art exhibitions and events, showcasing traditional and digital artworks and fostering a community of artists, collectors and art lovers.

Art Market Research: Our team conducts comprehensive research on art market trends, providing valuable insights to investors and stakeholders in the art industry.

Collaborations and Partnerships: We work with arts organisations, technology companies and educational institutions to bring innovative arts technology projects to life.

At Riwa, our services and projects are designed to merge the art and technology sectors, creating new opportunities for artists, collectors and art lovers, and shaping the future of the art world.


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