Wang Dapeng, an eminent figure in contemporary art, masterfully intertwines Eastern aesthetics with modern sensibilities, creating works that resonate deeply with both Eastern and Western audiences. His sculptures often embody traditional Chinese elements, utilizing colours like porcelain white and celadon green, inspired by his profound appreciation for Chinese jade. These hues, which exude a delicate and subtle charm, reflect the tranquil and refined qualities of Hetian jade and ancient Chinese bronzes, harmonizing with Eastern art lovers’ serene and intricate tastes.

Deer roar in the field

Collaborative Ventures with Global Brands

Wang Dapeng’s artistic journey is not confined to the East; he has significantly impacted the global art scene through high-profile collaborations with international brands. One of his most notable partnerships is with Mercedes-Maybach. In the launch of the “MANUFAKTUR” bespoke series, Wang Dapeng’s influence is evident in the luxurious design elements that echo the beauty of traditional Chinese colours. Esteemed artist Qiu Qingnian, known for his expertise in traditional Chinese pigments, contributed to this project by creating unique colours such as “Mystic Black,” “Moon White,” “Luanhua,” and “Clear Blue,” which seamlessly blend with the brand’s dual-tone body design, drawing a connection between the natural world and automotive luxury.

This collaboration culminated in the Mercedes-Maybach S 680 Virgil Abloh Limited Edition, unveiled during the Guardian Art Week. This model is a testament to the synergy between artistic inspiration and industrial design, embodying the ethos of returning to nature and exploring the unknown. Initially conceptualized by the late designer Virgil Abloh in 2021, the project deconstructed Maybach’s traditional design, merging ruggedness with finesse to invoke a sense of luxurious utility and awaken a primal connection to nature.


 Artistic Impact and Cultural Exchange

Wang Dapeng’s work extends beyond mere aesthetics; it facilitates a cultural dialogue between the East and the West. His collaborations highlight how art can enrich commercial ventures with deeper aesthetic, cultural, and spiritual values. As Riwa, an art director and critic, aptly states, “Art can endow commercial products with enhanced aesthetic and cultural significance, while commerce provides artists with expansive avenues for brand communication.”

The Forest of Night

Engaging Western Collectors

For Western collectors, Wang Dapeng’s art offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation. His works are not just sculptures but narratives that convey the timeless beauty of Chinese culture through contemporary forms. Collectors are drawn to his ability to encapsulate the essence of Eastern philosophy in visually captivating pieces that speak to universal themes of beauty, nature, and craftsmanship.




Wang Dapeng continues to bridge the gap between East and West, old and new, through his remarkable artistry and strategic collaborations. His sculptures, enriched with historical significance and modern relevance, make a compelling addition to any collection, appealing to those who appreciate the intricate dance between tradition and innovation.

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